Alberton properties


Mission and Vision

Vision: To create a more personal property service between clients and brokers.

Mission: Using quality service to make buying and selling of property trouble free.



  • Integrity is at the top of our list - we remain true and loyal to ourselves, our business and our clients.
  • Service excellence – we will always guarantee to do our best and look after our clients best interests by offering the best possible advice and knowledge in relation to the property industry. We guarantee to offer our clients integrity, honesty and consistency in all we do.


Determined company – we strive through the good times as well as the tough times. We are a motivated and innovative company in our quest to constantly challenge ourselves in an ever-changing market and industry.


We are a group of committed and dedicated Property brokers - our energy and enthusiasm drives us to achieve the best results for our clients.

Achieving results

We strive to provide a super-efficient and holistic service. We believe that we need to remain adaptable and disciplined in our drive to succeed. We continue to stay up to date with the ever changing property market as well as the technological market, ensuring our clients receive the best results. We continue to be a top achiever and competitor in the local property market.
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